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Johnny Handsome

What a wonderful window into an undiscovered world of music...
This was a blog post indeed!

NYCSubwayGirl Cathy Grier

you capture very well the world underground. As a performer with MUNY since 1999 I find the unique environment of performing as part of the daily soundtrack compelling and engaging. It's certainly never boring. I find NY'ers generous with their spirit as much as with their coins. Thanks for the post

ray ban

They’re somewhat of an anachronism in a world where hit songs can be downloaded for under a dollar, but are more often procured for free.

ray ban sunglasses online

People say to me, ‘that was actually really good. I wasn’t expecting to give you anything, but here’s a dollar.”You article so nice..thank you ...Iam happy here.

New Dad

Street performers are the charm of NY, this is what I think.

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