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Teresa Basich

Poignant question -- if a piece of data falls in a monitoring platform and no one's there to pick it up...?

It's pretty darn cool that a metrics and measurement company focused on music industry stats is jumping into the fray, but I wonder how record companies are actually going to make the most of this platform. Without that drive to use the data Next Big Sound provides, what does it matter? AND, capitalizing on that information and using it to impact any business initiatives takes, well, time and people and actual application. Data in a vacuum is just numbers.

It'll be interesting to see how the industry applies this kind of information to their business efforts in the years to come (although things move so fast around here that catching up might be the biggest challenge the music industry faces).

Good thoughts and questions posed here, and thanks for the Radian6 mention!



Teresa Basich
Community Manager, Radian6

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